Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OPEN Conference: Beyond Us, Beyond Now, Post Earthquake Reconstruction and Development. November 13

Conference Venue: The Marvin Center - Grand Ballroom at GWU 800 21st Street NW

Conference Objectives: The objective of the conference is to understand the challenges posed by the earthquake and assess opportunities and offer recommendations for improvement over the next year in primarily three areas: integration of displaced people, infrastructure development, and media awareness. In particular, OPEN will develop conference proceedings including a set of recommended initiatives for improving the response in each of the three focus areas. We expect that these recommended initiatives will be innovative, cost-effective and realistic and in some cases may be implemented by commercial or non-profit organizations on the basis of various incentive or tax credits. These results, conclusions and recommendations would need to be highlighted in the national and trade press and would need to go to key people in the United Sates and Pakistan Governments. To provide ongoing management and support for these initiatives, formation of working groups are envisioned with team members in the United States and in Pakistan.


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